Bespoke, high-energy, game show styled quizzes, ideal for corporate events.

Bespoke, high-energy, game show styled quizzes, ideal for corporate events.

Bespoke, high-energy, game show styled quizzes, ideal for corporate events.Bespoke, high-energy, game show styled quizzes, ideal for corporate events.Bespoke, high-energy, game show styled quizzes, ideal for corporate events.

About Quizzy Sue


About me

I am a professional, colourful,  

and energetic Quiz Master who 

specialises in all things fun and trivial! 

My unique quizzing services and personality help bring a warm and interactive atmosphere to your 

event, making them a perfect corporate or social activity choice, that everyone can enjoy. 

Ideally suited to small or medium-sized companies, my bespoke, high-energy shows will quickly get your team(s), ‘playing’ and interacting, through interesting, fun trivia 

and spontaneous laughter. 

When you are a child you have 

this beautiful sense of wonder at

the world. As you grow up you 

either lose that, or you don't. Well,

I never did lose it, and still value 

the simple act of ‘playing’. I never cease to find the world a place of fascination and wonder. As a self-confessed trivialist, I am constantly looking for those golden nuggets 

of trivia, those little bombs of 

delight, that stop you in your

 tracks. Maybe it's the 'ex-drama teacher' in me talking here, but

I am a firm advocate of adults 

still needing (and craving!), opportunities to play: to lose  their inhibitions, to banter, to sing and cheer. Quizzing, I believe, very 

much fulfils that need.

As a popular Quiz Master, with an abundance of different life skills and work experiences to draw upon, I know what makes (or breaks) a quiz.I enjoy spending time and energy in compiling and researching bespoke, 'wow factor' questions for my clients, ensuring they are always up-to-date, and factually correct. After all, trivia is only good trivia if it's true. And good trivia of course, is always so much more fun when shared with friends!


What I offer

I offer bespoke multi-media, interactive trivia shows, perfect for standalone team building activities. They would also work well both alongside, or after, any of the following corporate events:


  • Training days
  • Christmas  parties
  • Conferences
  • Multi-activity days
  • Staff well-being days
  • Award ceremonies
  • Long-service celebrations

Fully customised to suit any demographic, allow me to help

you create a truly memorable experience, that has the wow 

factor you’ve been looking for.

 We are definitely not talking 'pub quizzes' here: no boring office stationery required; just bring along 

a few brain cells, and a sense of fun! One of the most exciting aspects of my quiz parties is that the players 

get to use the most advanced wireless gaming technology 

available today. And with the 

majority of the questions being multiple-choice too, it really does 

take the pressure off, allowing everyone to get involved, 

regardless of ability or prior 

general or trivia knowledge!

*If you're a bit of an IT 'geek', please feel free to check out the fabulous gaming software that I am licensed to use here: 


Let's have a conversation!

Whatever the nature and size of your corporate or personal  event, I 

would be delighted to discuss your requirements in more detail. 

All my trivia shows are carefully designed and professionally tailored. They can be constructed with an exact objective in mind, or alternatively, could tie in to a particular theme, like: football, the movies, music, a date or decade, or even to a specific individual.

My hosting fees are based on these factors and other variables, which include:

  • pre-event consultation 
  • number of players
  • duration/number of rounds
  • venue location

Interested in finding out more?

Let's have a conversation!

Happy Quizzers:


Katy Simmons - Surface Measurement Systems Ltd, Wembley

  "Sue, what a great evening. Many thanks to you both. It all worked perfectly and as you could see, everyone enjoyed it. A lot of fun. And so well organised. Brilliant.

Hope to see you again before long. I’m sure there will be a call for a repeat event!

Really happy with everything you did – preparation and the event itself. 5 stars for Quizzy Sue and her team!"


Sharon Smith - Work's Christmas Party (Beaconsfield Childcare Providers)

"What a brilliant fun night I've just had, I haven't laughed so much in ages. Educational as well as fun. Sue was a fun and professional host. 

Would highly recommend for parties and corporate events."


Lucie Powell - 'Hen'

"Sue is warm, personable and more than anything, great fun! She always has a smile on her face and knows how to work the room with her confident manner.  

If you're thinking of hiring Quizzy Sue for any event in the near future you should do so without hesitation. 

You were brilliant Sue! We had such a laugh - thanks a million!"

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